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Tubos de calefacción por suelo radiante de Warmup

PEX-A Pipe

The Warmup PEX-A Pipe is formed as a single extrusion with an adhesive layer and EVOH oxygen barrier.

Key benefits


Oxygen barrier

Encasing the PE-Xa completely, the adhesive layer prevents oxygen entering the system via the pipework.


Easy to lay

Flexible and light, the pipe is easy to lay down.


Corrosion free

The coatings stop oxygen from entering via the pipework minimising the risk of corrosion to the system.

Nexxa panel hydronic underfloor heating

Recommended Pipe for Hydronic Systems

The oxygen barrier is required to prevent ingress of oxygen which will fuel corrosion within the system. The PEX-a pipe is able to withstand higher pressures, is more kink resistant and considerably more flexible than competing Pex-pipes. This means an easier installation for the installer.

The oxygen diffusion barrier encases PEX-a completely, preventing the entry of oxygen into the heating system via the pipe work. The tough outer layer is designed to withstand the rigours of surrounding workloads, ensuring that the oxygen barrier remains intact. This significantly reduces the risk of corrosion within the entire system.

PEX-a pipe is what we recommend at the heart of all our systems because it is strong, flexible, kink resistant and comes with our best warranties, guaranteed.



Lifetime Warranty

The Warmup PEX-A Pipe is formed as a single extrusion with an adhesive layer and EVOH oxygen barrier.

Informação técnica

Product Documentation
Technical Specifications
Pipe Range nominal dimensions 16mm OD 2.0mm wall thickness
Colour Natural
Coil sizes 16 x 2mm – 240m, 500m
Maximum Temperature Peak 95 oC
Maximum Operating pressure 6.0 bar
Construction 5 layer: PE-RT – Adhesive – Oxygen Barrier (EVOH) – Adhesive – PE-RT
Manufacturing EN ISO 22391

Mechanical Properties
Composition PEX-A 70% cross linked
Pipe roughness 0.007 mm/m
Bending radius 5 x outside diameter minimum
Water capacity 16mm – 0.113 l/m
Oxygen permeability < 0.32 mg O2/ (M2. d)

Thermal Properties
Thermal conductivity  0.41 W/m K

Installing this product? You will also need:

Colector de calefacción por suelo radiante


Our Manifold is manufactured from stainless steel and provides water regulation for up to 12 underfloor heating circuits.

centro de control de suelo radiante hidrónico

Control Center

All hydronic systems require a control centre that works with the thermostats and heat source, such as a boiler or heat pump.

Termostato programable monitor de energía 3iE de warmup


Choosing the correct control system is crucial in ensuring that your heating system works in the most efficient way.

suelo radiante eléctrico

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