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Warmup AL-PE-RT pipe


The PE-RT/AL/PE-RT pipe is a 5 layer composite pipe, incorporating layers of PE-RT and adhesives, encasing an aluminium core.

Key benefits


Oxygen barrier

The aluminium core prevents oxygen entering the system via the pipework.


Easy to lay

AL/PE-RT can hold and maintain its shape, when formed by hand.


Corrosion free

The coatings stop oxygen from entering via the pipework minimising the risk of corrosion to the system.

Nexxa panel hydronic underfloor heating

Aluminium Core

The aluminium core acts as the oxygen barrier, preventing corrosion within the system from oxygen that would otherwise enter via the pipework. The aluminium core also allows the pipe to be positioned and shaped by hand, to maintain this shape.

This means that the pipe requires less overall securing to the subfloor or insulation and is less prone to sagging where it is unsecured.



50 Years Limited Warranty

Informação técnica

Product Documentation
Techincal Specifications
Pipe Range nominal dimensions 16mm OD x 12mm ID x 2.0mm wall thickness
Colour White
Coil sizes 16mm x 2mm – 100m, 200m, 500m
Operating Temperature Peak 70 oC
Maximum Temporary Peak Temperature 95 oC
Maximum Operating pressure 10.0 bar
Construction 5 layer: PE-RT – adhesive – aluminium – adhesive – PE-RT
Manufacturing EN ISO 21003 (application class 4)
Quality Assurance ISO 9001

Mechanical Properties
Composition Inner pipe PE-RT
Pipe roughness 0.007 mm/m
Bending radius 5 x outside diameter minimum
Water capacity 16mm – 0.133 l/m

Thermal Properties
Thermal conductivity  0.45 W/m K
Thermal expansion coefficient 0.026 mm/m K

Installing this product? You will also need:

Colector de calefacción por suelo radiante


Our Manifold is manufactured from stainless steel and provides water regulation for up to 12 underfloor heating circuits.

centro de control de suelo radiante hidrónico

Control Center

All hydronic systems require a control centre that works with the thermostats and heat source, such as a boiler or heat pump.

Termostato programable monitor de energía 3iE de warmup


Choosing the correct control system is crucial in ensuring that your heating system works in the most efficient way.

suelo radiante eléctrico

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