fondo de aislamiento de calefacción por suelo radiante

Dual Overlay Concrete

Fast-tracked floor preparation system for use as screed replacement. Comprised of two 6mm-deep cement top and base boards to provide a stable surface for the floor finish and ensure even heat distribution.

Warmup’s Dual Overlay Concrete is a screed replacement board-based system manufactured with high-quality concrete for even heat distribution. Recommended for use with the Econna, Contura and Total-16 Hydronic systems, the low-profile top and base boards are quick to install and protect the underfloor heating system.

The 6mm deep boards come in 1.2m x 0.6m sized lengths and have a thermal Rm value of 0.038 per square metre. Designed for both wet and dry rooms, it is suitable for a variety of floor finishes.

The two layers of boards provide low heat resistance, allowing efficient heating and are bonded together to create a solid subfloor structure with the included contact adhesive.

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